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You Bring Home Your Puppy From  SUNSTAG (Reg.),

Please Read These Helpful Hints.


So, here we are! You’ve decided on a SUNSTAG (Reg.) Puppy. You’ve been interviewed till you think we know about your Aunt Jane’s “little” secret. Now, you should be getting ready to bring home puppy. You’ve given it much thought and consideration and you know you can handle the responsibility. Ok. Go get the following items for puppy’s comfort...and yours.




  • Food & water dish, feeding stand. We prefer the aluminum 5 quart ones for food and water inside and an automatic waterer or Lick-It for outside. Feed from a chair or special feeding stand.

  • Puppy Dog Food. We have fed Science Diet Growth, Science Diet Lamb and Rice, Nutra Nuggets Performance and Nutra Nuggets Lamb and Rice, Purina Hi-Pro, Kirkland Premium Chicken & Rice. Find the one you like. A packet of  food will be provided on Go-Home day.

  • Washable Blanket or Foam Pad with a Washable Covering. We’ve been quite successful with an old baby crib mattress covered with carpet remnant. We have also found that they love the hammock style beds...not cheap but worth every penny!

  • Expandable  Nylon  Web,  Choke Chain, or Leather Collar and 6-Foot Leather Leash. We like the 12"-22" Expandable Nylon  Collars. The Choke Chain collar will be needed for training later on. The leash is for control on your walks. Some of our families have found the Halti (a head "collar") to be best for them; others like a halter (body "collar").

  • Baby Gate. Yes, just like for human Junior. You’ll be glad you made the investment

  • Wire Exercise Pen. One is usually enough. They come in all sizes but we prefer the 36"-8 panel one. We use them to confine the puppy close by yet out of things. If you plan to exhibit, please ask for our show equipment list. This pen is also more accessible than a crate. However, a large #700 crate can be very useful for confinement and/or travel.

  • Toys, Chewies. Be sure they are hard rubber and that bells or squeaky things cannot be torn out and swallowed. Pigs ears, hooves, GumaBone & Kongs are good. Also the products that puppy can chew that clean the teeth--many available at your local PetsMart/other..

  • Airport Pick Up. Puppy will arrive without a collar and a leash, so be sure to bring them, a bowl, water, towels (paper and cloth), trash baggies and “his/her” blanket. It is best to bring a friend or family member along to drive; you hold puppy going home to start the bonding process, or put puppy back into the crate for the ride home. S/He is safer; so are you. Hang on to all the paperwork!! You'll need it!

REMEMBER. . .AFTER Puppy is Home. . .


         Responsible dog owners become Happy dog owners and your neighbors will like you better.


         Set up a schedule during the first few days for the dog to go out, to exercise and to eat. Dogs learn better when they have a routine.  However, we find that free-feeding is most economical and puppy will then grow at his body’s rate.


         Find a reputable veterinarian for puppy shots and future care. Start interviewing now! Be sure the vet knows about sighthounds, particularly Irish Wolfhounds.


         Read the books you’ve been advised to read on puppy training and the breed. Try your local library rather than buying something for only short term use. BIG breed books can be an investment. Wait awhile to see what you need. Books, videos and other guides are also available through


         Clear the house of things that could hurt your puppy or cause sickness; close all closet and bathroom doors; make ONE place for the puppy and keep the blanket there. The children in the house should be aware of the dangers of leaving their toys (and you, your shoes!) where puppy can find them. A teething puppy can be quite destructive--rather like handing your 2-year-old human a hammer and turning him loose in your living room!!


         We strongly advise daily yard “clean up duty” to minimize flies and other icky things. This is also a good time to check stools for firmness, parasites and color. Too firm could mean constipation and lead to internal problems; parasites rob the puppy of growth and sometimes life; dark brown means not enough of the nutrients are being absorbed (change brands) or with blood in the stool, might mean stress. Call vet or breeder for reassurance and advice.

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