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We lost some, found some, corrected some. Oh, and I've tried to stay away from those with Java-driven codes, heavy or
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NOTE: I have not checked this entire list since Dec 2007. Some links definitely could be unreliable.

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bytes) Breed Info & National Club Contact
AKC ...has a full service site for canine related ownership. It is a little hard to follow, but AKC is continuing to update, upgrade and simplify.
SCIWFA...is an Irish Wolfhound only breed club hosting varied IW and family activities in Southern California. This targets the membership application. Currently being reactivated. Contacting the organizer listed at the bottom of the form will give you more current information.

CheckMark2.gif (1168 bytes)   Something VERY Special-- All Hounds
Cindy Conter of Arizona, has graciously allowed me to highlight her work. Please tour her website and drool over the Irish Wolfhound jewelry she has designed. This award-winning artisan is charming, a delight to chat with and extremely cognizant of your pocketbook, as well as interested in offering custom pieces of your personal description. PS--A Log-In window will appear, just click through it and Cindy's jewelry will come up.
Dog Photos by renown writer-photographer! Exceptional work and artistry. Have camera, will travel! Give some pizzazz to your Christmas cards, dog advertisements, or just a lovely portrait for your pleasure.
Lure Coursing/Racing Website, items of superior quality for your "hunting" enjoyment. Check it out. Ask questions. Get involved.

CheckMark2.gif (1168 bytes)   General Pet Info--Products, Supplies, Transport, Still Undecided?
A Canine Marketplace...PetSmart..full of products and services for dogs and other species. Comprehensive Club listings. Good site to browse through.
Dog Owner's Guide ...sponsored by Nature's Recipe, another good source to browse articles and breed data, nutrition highlights, and resource material. No, Irish Wolfhounds are not mentioned. Very slow to load.
Dog Stuff ...I liked this "homey" site! Unpretentious and enjoyable. Well-built handcrafted items. Some of you may find a few items to be pricey, but I'd bet the workmanship and Customer Service policy will make you the winner. Limited catalog, but good!
House Signs ... The custom signs are constructed on rust-resistant baked enamel aluminum, high quality magnetic sheeting, and weather treated pine. Also offering Weathervanes, mailbox toppers, stoneware pet dishes, pet memorials, and self-applied stickers.
Custom Flags ... Custom designed dog flags are made by double applique using a 200 denier nylon.  These top quailty flags are available in different background colors. Let people know what dog is in Your household! These must be ordered by calling an 800#--no biggie but does take a bit more time.
Dog Breeders Online Directory. The online Directory has been updated and offers a wide range of contacts in U.S. and Canada! It is much better now. You could possibly find a breeder closer to home.
civilwarflagsT.gif (1012 bytes)  Discount Pet SuperStore. Buy PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence, Dog Doors, Dog Crates, PetSafe Electric Dog Fences, Pet Containment Fencing, and Discount Pet Supplies. I have no personal relationship or experience with this outfit, but what I have read, looks good. Use at your own discretion.

CheckMark2.gif (1168 bytes)  Health In General & Alternatives
Revival Catalog ... Lots of vitamin/nutrient information within the catalog pages! Great to have on hand for little things. Also has grooming products, disinfectants, and equipments. Reasonable prices.
Holistic book. Might find this useful. I have not had an opportunity to preview it. It is free... This site could get better with time.
What is Homeopathy? This site offers general articles-- updated monthly-- on homeopathy and natural ways to keep your hound healthy.
A Link to Herbals. Provides a comprehensive herbal list and links to providers.
Cancer Care: Hospice/Pawspice. ... Canine Cancer Awareness data for the Los Angeles Area. It can lead you to your local Canine Cancer facilities and may you NEVER need their services.
civilwarflagsT.gif (1012 bytes)  Allergy Aids.  http://www.varlallergy.com/index.html  Check out these folks and if you have an allergic dog that your vet wants you to take to a dermatologist or other specialist, suggest this blood test first. It seems right as a first step and relatively reasonable. It is around $300. Next step, after finding the food allergy, was the right food (in this case). I have learned that other allergies are helped by a food change even if the allergy itself is not food related, afterall nutrients in different combinations create different absorptions etc. This product is not very expensive, they offer free shipping and a free box of samples with all the flavors. So check out this link (which is also ironic--a "wolf" helping an Irish WOLF hound<L>):  http://timberwolforganics.com/

CheckMark2.gif (1168 bytes)  General IW Information
THE BOOK! Title: The Irish Wolfhound, Symbol of Celtic Splendor by Mary McBryde ...takes you to Amazon.com where you need to enter the author's name or book title. This is a relatively current, definitive, authoritative document! It is a "must have" for novice owners and breeders alike. We do not advocate, however, that it be taken as gospel. Some minor philosophies could differ with Sunstag's viewpoint. This link takes you to Amazon Books and their on-line ordering service where the book is currently listed! It is apparently out of print already. Watch  eBay for "used" copies.
Digitaldog ...from a trainer's point of view -- very general, but good reading. Some would make nice bedtime reading for the kids--the 2-legged ones!

CheckMark2.gif (1168 bytes)  Foreign and Other Kennels, General IW
 Club Canofilo Caliente organizes dog shows in Tijuana Mexico for more information visit their website www.clubcanofilocaliente.com . It is glorious fun and SAFE. Four days of International and Mexican shows for championship points on the grounds of the Tijuana Greyhound Racetrack; lots of security and covered arenas for breed and group judging; and, bleachers overlooking the exhibition for easy viewing. Evening Equestrian entertainment, ringside cafe and bar, restaurants within walking distance, greyhound races, and terrific camaraderie! Come! Join the fun--even if you don't have a dog!
DOG CLUB, Internet Dog Directory: a general Index of worldwide clubs, kennels and breeders of our great breed. See some of the kennel websites for a good overview of what is representative of the Irish Wolfhound through the world.
ROHAN IRISH WOLFHOUNDS.  Lovely beginnings! Also raise, train and show Peruvian Paso horses. Be sure to check them out!
IRISH WOLFHOUND WEB-JAPAN.  I had a lovely discussion about the current (2005) trend to FAT Irish Wolfhounds instead of the athletic, long-lived ones. Akiko Tatsuki promises an English version shortly.

 Irish Wolfhound Magazine
IWQuarterly ...direct link to subscription. Good overall IW coverage and book catalog. I do take issue with the caption under their opening photo: It says the dogs are of the "old type". There is only ONE type, and these hounds are representative under both the "old" and "current" standard. Good magazine on the whole.
International Irish Wolfhound ... Wonderful pictures and interesting articles!
Camping With Your Dog ...all sorts of camping info on hiking, backpacking, where-to, what to take... Don't forget to vaccinate!
Travel Dog...must be someone with Stile!...not spelled wrong either: Stiles Travel, specializes in doggie goings. Same Link as Dog Parks Dog Parks & Beaches . Very slow to load. One thing that slows you down is having to become a "member"... Albiet Free, it still requires time to get the data you want.
Take Your Pet... nice, clear pages for your edification. Easy to browse. They also offer a free E-Zine with membership. Another that want you to become a "member".
civilwarflagsT.gif (1012 bytes)  Pets on the Move: Travel in Europe/Pet Passports...While I have not yet used this site, it appears to be very up-to-date on the how of Traveling in Europe with your pet. It includes information on import/export of a pet from or into the Continent. I'll check them out more thoroughly soon.
Linderland Stage ...provides a ground transportation service for the "fear of flying" crowd, the breeder who needs to ship, and for families who want their pet with them in a new city...or... at reasonable rates.
Professional Pet Transports Inc. ...provides a competitive ground transport service. One or more of the Pet Transporters could be in your area when you need them.
PetAir ... A professional animal air/airport transportation service. Breeders who need to ship puppies may find this service very convenient. Here are a few others: www.caninecarriers.com; www.jetpets.com; or a full listing from www.ipata.com
... May you never need any of them!!!
Clicker Training ...isn't new, just useful! A training method that's HOT! Well put together site. I suggest this as a MUST SEE, not necessarily do I advocate using this method. This method is an involved 3-step process.
Superdog ...well, yours could be. Try this site to decide--with suggestions and book list. This one also offers Bereavement help.
  Pet Names
Fido? or Phydo? ...A couple thousand ideas and alpha listing plus links to other sites. (Maybe they're interesting, I don't know for sure as I didn't have time to check--wanna do it for me?--some are really great; others, well, hummmmm <G>, certainly not suited for an Irish Wolfhound!)
   Irish Fun "Stuff"
The Celtic Lady ...I stumbled into this one and was thrilled! Getting better all the time! A delight for the eyes and to grace your home!
Tattoo Lady ...wonderful Irish/Celtic designs by a dear IW friend/owner. As Pat says: Be Art! I'm still considering a harp or something <G>
Music & News ...things Irish! You'll love the jukebox at the bottom of the page.
Antique Irish Books...Similar to Amazon.com in ordering. Click on the Irish section which includes modern and ancient volumes. His Related Links offer a wide variety of subjects, tours, and Celtic objects. Some connections tried did not link.
If you find any of the above to be non-functional or which have offensive material, 
please, contact me immediately! Thank you!

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