PREPOTENCY--Can You See It Now? 
New: 08/08/08

PREPOTENCY... I have trouble with the way this term is used especially when it is within the 1st generation. Too often a breeder will say that his stud dog/brood bitch is prepotent in the very first litter. Considering that Prepotency is defined as "a strong tendency to pass on characteristics to offspring", we can usually SEE some of the results in that first generation litter. We can say: "puppy has mother's head", or "puppy looks like he'll have inherited dad's height"... but what does this mean? And, remember the adage in dog breeding: "If you love the son (or daughter), breed to the father (or mother)"? In my lexicon, prepotency should not be considered TRUE until you have at least 3 generations from the sire/dam and you again SEE the same dog repeatedly.

Personal case in point -- Look at these. Keep in mind that some of the photos were taken before the hound reached their maturity. This is just a little lesson and request for your observations about PREPOTENCY... BTW, I did NOT just pick and choose to give the impression I wanted you to have. These are all direct descendants of the foundation pair. I did try to take them in some sequence--by chronological year. Do you see similarities and likenesses in each generation from the Foundation Sire Shan and Foundation Dam Tien? Can you express what attributes have been passed by each; what is in-common for them? What weaknesses do you see showing up after 20 years--if any? Where do we need to go now to improve?


In one of the articles about inbreeding, it states that it takes a strong heart to do this. I tried it with Tien (Foundation Dam) with her son (Sky) and was not pleased with the lack of consistency. There were only 3 in the litter--thankfully--and only one was actually what I had hoped for. The other two were nice, but I did not get the roulette of genes that were provided to the 3rd puppy. All lived nice long lives with their families. As I did not intend to utilize such a close inbreeding, and as it was a "test case", I put them all into good homes. It could be that I missed a good opportunity to get more in-depth visuals on what "prepotencies" were in Tien had I bred the good male offspring. I opted to continue slowly rather than jump in with both feet... I can look back now and see what I was doing and where I was going...have gone, as the case is<G>




Shan (1981) our foundation Sire

Tien (1982), foundation Dam (also whelped--Sky -1985 - and Joss, Left)  
. . . to . . .


. . . to . . .

Joss (1986)  
  X   Tien

Poohka (1987)

Sky      X      Fey 


. . . to . . .


 . . . to . . .


Solo (1991), a son,
      X    Xu

Marina (1993)
Solo        X      Poppy  

 . . . to . . .


. . . to . . .


Godfrey (1994)
Solo     X   Poppy  

A'Albaa (1994)
Solo        X      Abbey  

. . . to . . .


. . . to . . .


Harry (1997)
Godfrey      X      Bonnie  

Bea (1996)
Tally      X      Marina  


. . . to . . .


 . . to . . .


Sir (2002) a cousin coming down from the foundation Stud SHAN...
  Harry     x    Witch O'Wonder 

Sally (1998)
A'Ausom      X      Gillie  


. . . to. . .



 . . to. . .


Jazz, son (2003)
 Sir      X      Ivy 

Vesper (2002)
Harry      X      Maisie  


. . . to . . .



. . . to . . .



What I see that needs improving--rear muscling; perhaps a bit more shoulder layback, and although I am concentrating on those
areas, I will still keep the other attributes I feel the Irish Wolfhound should have firmly set in my considerations for pairings.

To see some of THE FUTURE. . . Azeri



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