You have contacted SUNSTAG (Reg.) and asked a million questions. Your rapport with Dixie is excellent and you have decided that SUNSTAG (Reg.) is YOUR kennel and you want to buy your puppy from them. There is sometimes a long wait; are you patient enough to wait until Dixie feels she has the right puppy just for you, your lifestyle and the environment you have to offer? If so, you must keep in contact--perhaps not daily, but at least every few weeks, as things can change dramatically. The litter you were waiting for might not have the gender you want or Dixie has evaluated and designated the puppies to (1) Show potential homes, (2) returning families, then (3) new could be in the "new" category...and she does not find one just right for YOU. BUT, that does not necessarily mean the roster is first-come/first-served within those categories either.

The selection of a puppy for a family is based on so many feelings it would be impossible to outline that process. What we do is send an announcement to all families regardless of their "category" informing them of the birth of a litter and requesting affirmation of the family's continued interest in a puppy. Only after receiving that hearty "YES" do we request that the Reservation Fee be made. The Reservation Fee for the litter is quoted after your puppy has been selected, but it is transferable to another litter if the right puppy for YOU is not found in the current litter, The fee is deducted from the Purchase Price for your puppy. This Reservation Fee can be made by Personal Check, Money Order, Zelle, or PayPal (the latter is preferred). Over the following weeks, all local families are invited to come visit, view and play with the puppies, and make tentative selection--the final selection is made by the breeder. I will take your choice into consideration, of course, but sometimes there are nuances that would make the puppy unsuitable for--let us say--a family with small children, an older retired couple, etc. Dixie Knows!!! And, as an added bonus, so do the puppies. Most puppies make their own choice known and Dixie listens.

Local pick up is around the 10- to 12-week timeframe. I need to know that you have arranged your schedule to be home with the new puppy at least 2 full days AFTER picking him/her up. This gives the family time to assess the puppy's signals for the need to go outside and for the family to recognize those signals. About 90% of the time, the SUNSTAG (Reg.) puppy is house trained; you just need to watch and listen while the puppy "trains you"... Also, bring a friend with you to drive so you can hold puppy to start the bonding process, or bring a crate for puppy to travel home in--it is safer for him/her and for you, the chauffer! Auto Trips over 8 hours are by air transport.

On the other hand: If you are getting a SUNSTAG (Reg.) puppy shipped to you. Here are some requirements.


First, I suggest you purchase the #300 crate, shipping packet and a pad (optional) from one of the following suppliers:
    All Pets, 1-888-738-6388; catalog at
    Jeffers General, 1-800-533-3377 (M-F 6AM-10PM, Sat/Sun 7AM-930PM CST); catalog at
    Doctors Foster & Smith, 800/826-7206; catalog at
    Master Animal Care, 1-800-346-0749
    R.C. Steele, 1-800-872-3773 orders, 1-800-872-4506 customer service; catalog at

Second, you must order and pay for the crate and have it drop-shipped directly to me no less than one month before puppy will be shipped to you:
    Dixie Howell-Hirsch
    10500 Christenson Road
    Lucerne Valley, CA 92356
    Cross Streets: Deliveries North of CA-18 on Christenson Road & Wren.
    It helps if I get a Call Ahead: (949) 750-4193 to unlock the Gate.

Third, it is preferred that YOU come get your puppy and it can travel home on your airline ticket. If I am shipping, let me know the best time of day for you to go to your closest airport--and which one that is. I will research flights to find the most convenient possible providing it is non-stop (or direct, one-stop) and in the cool of the evening in the summer; the warmth of the day in the winter. Most airlines have flying restrictions due to weather, size and plane equipment. As I am quite familiar with flying puppies, I will take care of this.

Fourth, the Health Certificate is $65.00, which will be added to your "bill" just before I ship. I will prepay the shipping for you, but you must reimburse me once the puppy is in your hands. The transportation total will be on the Way Bill attached to the crate. This amount can be a PayPal ( transfer, Zelle or by personal check.

Fifth, bring a leash, collar and water to the airport, as well as someone with you to drive you home, or return puppy to the crate for safety during the drive home.


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