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SUNSTAG(Reg.) is a small, selective kennel which has been actively exhibiting worldwide for over 40 years. We registered our name, SUNSTAG, with the AKC and CKC as we are extremely proud of our reputation and career records. We strive to produce sound, typey, functional hounds of "great size" (height) at the shoulder, with the "requisite power and symmetry" as described in the Standard for our breed. We have returned to the very basic breeding program used by our mentors to revitalize our breed. We began our breeding program in the late 1970's when we were unable to locate a hound meeting our criteria. We feel we have met and exceeded our own expectations from the very beginning.

SUNSTAG(Reg.) is committed to continue producing the tall, lean, healthy, balanced hound whose temperament and loyalty are what was envisioned by the original guardians. We don't give a howl for coat length, as long as it is coarse; we don't give a howl for eye color, as long as it blends with the color of the coat; we don't give a howl for the barrel-chested, short, stocky canine, which we do not find epitomizes the Irish Wolfhound. The Standard calls for a coarse-coated, greyhound-like breed with the requisite power and symmetry and height at the shoulder to hunt the fabled Irish Elk (which really the IW never hunted!) or the Irish Wolf with endurance to cover great distances in the chase. Thus, our hounds are leaner and livelier for longer into their maturity in that they look (and are) youthful until they are nearly 8 years old. Our teens and adult hounds are conditioned and fit with hard muscling, long well-developed inner thighs and deep chests.

SUNSTAG(Reg.) strives to provide our buyers with "family" involvement as we tend to be benevolent in-laws, always available to answer questions, respond to your concerns (real or imagined), comfort you, laugh with you over your puppy's antics, aid you to find resources and materials for you to better understand this great breed. Once you are owned by an Irish Wolfhound, you are family. We want you to take your time selecting your "heart puppy". We want you to visit our home kennel and see all the hounds surrounding us. We want you to research all the breeders in your home area. We will offer you references (as we will request them from you) in order for you to feel comfortable in being owned by a SUNSTAG(Reg.) puppy. We provide our families with a New Puppy Guide with the basic information to make puppy's homecoming pleasant and loving. We do not allow puppies to go to their new homes before age 10 weeks as SUNSTAG(Reg.) encourages the mom to stay with her puppies until she is ready to give them over to my full care. We do not permit neutering before age 14 months, and prefer that you wait to age 2 years. This is a personal preference from personal experience and does not reflect the current "trend" to very young, early spay/neuter. We do not believe that every puppy in every litter is of the temperament and attitude to be a Show Dog. A show career can be extremely stressful for an unprepared or temperamentally unsuited hound. This can lead to a shorter lifespan; we want our hounds to live "forever" ... for you.

SUNSTAG(Reg.) policy dictates that we require reservations for all puppies now and future and that the reservation must be accompanied by a Reservation Fee. This fee is refundable under certain circumstances or it is transferrable to the next litter. This is not a first-come-first-get procedure. We have been successful in our match-ups over the years and reserve the right to make a selection for our families. After all, we are concerned that the personalities blend with the environment and lifestyle of the new family. We feel more confident in making the selections since we have been a second mom to the puppies since birth. We will certainly discuss that choice with the family so that they understand the reason(s) for that selection. In many cases, a family may experience the puppy's "choosing" them.

SUNSTAG(Reg.)Welcomes YOU!



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