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SUNSTAG (Reg.) is proud to say that many of our first hound families are now returning for their second and third and/or fourth "family members". Many are claiming that a "Dixie Dog" has changed their perspective on life and living! This is our true claim to fame...

But, we have also owned and bred the first Irish Wolfhound to earn an AKC Field Championship and the first Irish Wolfhound bitch to become an AKC Dual Champion. Our hounds have competed in field trials (for example) on Saturday finishing a field championship, then gone to a show on Sunday and finished a conformation championship -- two titles in one weekend. We have done this at least three times in our history, and, once, we finished two hounds in conformation on the same day with back-to-back 4-point majors (Winners Dog and Winners Bitch)! It is our goal to champion all our House Hounds in both conformation and coursing disciplines. We personally do not currently "compete" in Obedience, though several of our hounds in family environments have obedience titles and advanced obedience/agility titles, as well as many have CGCs, competed in Ralley, are Therapy Licensed  We have the distinction of owning more home-bred champions with titles in more than one discipline, in more than one country, than any other kennel in the United Sates, probably in the World. We bred and own, indisputably, the World's Most Multi-Titled Irish Wolfhound. . .

American/Canadian/Mexican/Peruvian/Bi-Peruvian/World 1988/Champion of the Americas/South American/German/-
States KC/Federacion Cynologique & United Cynologique International titles. . .


That's 12 titles from 5 countries.

We have been fortunate to have averaged championships for at least one puppy from every litter we have produced (see About Sunstag). In the 1995-96 season alone, we finished championships on five home-bred hounds and major pointed two others as well as earning Field Championships on four of the seven (making them Dual American Champions) and finishing the fifth coursing title at the beginning of the 1996-97 season. In 1998, we took a "breather" and only finished two home-bred hounds. The 1999/2001 season promises some fun with the three teenagers and a new puppy who are beginning or completing their show "careers". While we appear to have slowed down it is due to "old-age"...mine. With a new hip and a great handler, we are back in the swing of things. Our 2003 season started off with Dual Titles on 2 more homebreds; following along with 2004-2005 with a Field Champion and 2 Conformation titlists; 2006 was a wash! We are now out and about with a young male, Jazz, and a lovely female, Lacey (both finished in 2008 on following weekends!), with 7 new puppies waiting in the wings. As the old saying goes: "I'm back in the saddle again"! We have acquired a grandson, Killian Keen O'Sunstag (KeenO), of one of our "sold" puppies who went to Texas, and will bring home a total out-cross female, Killian Turrean O'Sunstag, around Labor Day 2008, for one of our mentored families. Year 2009 will show everyone there's life in this ol' girl yet!!

Watch for us.



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