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The Irish Wolfhound Guide, Alfred deQuoy. $60.00. Available from (1), (5).
You and Your Irish Wolfhound, John Donovan. About $20.00. Available from (1), (7).
The Irish Wolfhound, Great Symbol of Ireland, John Donovan. $24.95. Available from (1), (7).
The Irish Wolfhound, Celtic Symbol of Ireland. Mary McBryde. $80 Used. Currently out of print, but you can occasionally find one on Amazon (5) or eBay (6).
Raising, Showing and Breeding the Irish Wolfhound, Elizabeth Murphy. $38.00. Available from (2), (7), (8).
The Irish Wolfhound, Phyllis Gardner. $19.50. Available from (2), (7), (8).
Playtraining Your Dog,
Patricia Gail Burnham. New $35/ Available Used from (5), Paperback or Hardcover.
The Irish Wolfhound, Symbol of Celtic Splendor,
Mary McBryde. About $35.00. Available from (5), (8).
The New Puppy Guide, Sunstag (Reg.) Irish Wolfhounds. Free with Your New Puppy.(4)
NOTE: Books that are next to useless and a waste of your dollars by Authors: Nikki Riggsbee, Beverly Pisano, Alice Kane. They are formula books with one chapter on the breed, the rest is general dog information.  If you find one at your library, by all means read through it.

(1) Direct Book Service (Dog and Cat Book Catalog).   Call: 1-800-776-2665/E-Mail:    I'm not sure the listed books are still available through them.
(2) Aeroglen, Box 1112, Hailey, ID 83333. Catalog: $3.00. Mail order Irish Wolfhound books and custom work for Irish Wolfhounds primarily. Lure coursing equipment, etc.
(3) The Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Membership Chairman Patty Newgard, P.O. Box 1615, Hilliard, FL 32046, (912) 281-5647. Write or Call for Order form and membership information.
(4) Sunstag (Reg.) Irish Wolfhounds, Dixie Hirsch, P.O. Box 777, Silverado, CA 92676-0777. Phone/FAX: (714) 649-2770.  E-Mail: ||  URL:
(6) eBay
(7) Alibris  A UK bookfinder for out-of-print volumes.
(8) The Archives of Irish Wolfhound books.

Rather comprehensive. The Irish Wolfhound Club of America Booklist

Another Private Collection for books that have the mention of Irish Wolfhounds  developed for the Irish Wolfhound Association of New England.


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