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CCC/CCA is NOT a club in the sense that we have officers and meetings; it is a coalition of 3 or more active breed/all-breed coursing organizations who have banded
together to host the many events in our Area. Planning Meetings are held quite informally after a trial.  The participants go back to their individual Clubs with a
report and get approval on any special requirement. Each of the clubs provides seed money into a holding account;  we are then free from the time constraint of
getting approval from each Board for every little item.  Every attempt is made to keep The Calendar and Mailing List updated. This Home Page is the place to get
 on the Mailing List for our events! We encourage you to become active--AND learn the correct way to condition your hound for this sport!

[So do all the Local Coursing Clubs!!]
We can make it SIMPLE! We TRAIN!  You Get FREE Breakfast and Lunch!
We promise you won't be asked to do ALL DAY--just a couple of hours.
Get your name PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED in the Premium List and Catalog and our Everlasting Gratitude!

Fill out the form below to indicate your willingness to VOLUNTEER! We will share your enthusiasm with all the Local Clubs!
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A. Please enter your Name, Address, City,
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D. The CCC/CCA needs YOUR help to succeed. We hope that each member will volunteer for a committee or two for TURKEY RUN 2006. Which of these most interests you? Training is provided for ANY crew position and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.  The time commitment would be 2 hours or less, broken up throughout the Trial day and will NOT conflict with the running of your own hound.

  Inspection & Paddock Committee: We need 4 per day. You will work with experienced Inspectors measuring Whippets and checking all hounds for soundness/heat. Then move to the Paddock sometime during the day.  This person calls up the hounds for each course, makes certain blankets are on the right dogs and are secure. Then, after a course, sends the next hounds to the line.
Time: +/-2 Hr.
Catalog/Special Sale Items/Raffle Sales: We need 4 per day (1-2 walk-about). Sell, take money and monitor the Inventory during the early morning and throughout the day. Most exhibitors will get their catalog before start of the event, but we hope Raffle Tickets and TR Memoribilia will sell all day long. Pre-Teens have proven quite efficacious in the Sales end. Adults needed to account for the funds. Time:  +/-2 Hr.
Field Clerk: We need 4 per day. A simple exercise in addition and checking scores and listing them on a Record Sheet. You will be sitting with either the Judges or the Trial Sec. Time:  +/-2 Hr. Huntmaster:We prefer experienced coursers for this job but we will field train. We need 4 per day. This is the Starter position for the hounds. A bit intense. Time:  +/-2 Hr.
Early Field Maintenance/Late Field Tear-Down: We need EVERYONE, EVERYDAY to work the field by filling gopher holes, move/clear obstacles as needed; after-trial evening to assist in repositioning the course. Last Day may mean a late evening. Just generally follow instruction. [This position DOES NOT qualify for Free Lunch. It is expected that every exhibitor will want to make sure the field is safe for their own hound(s).] Days Available: 
Use the Control Key for more than one. 

All of the above! I love to keep busy!   Other. Describe in E. Comments below
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For the local Club Coursing Calendars, please Contact: (Carol) (Frank) (Leigh-Ann or Tammy)