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The Leaf Doesn't Fall Far From the

I'm just playing around here! This could take awhile to load and it really is just for my pleasure... that's why I've put it in Ramblings. Someday I may get a brilliant idea for the use of this "document"... any suggestions? Acorns are "futures"...Sprouts are offspring-to-be...

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Sunstag Roam
Sunstag Roary
1DxBcorn-t.JPG (1942 bytes)
Sunstag Scorch
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Sunstag Haz Matt
Sunstag Blond Bombshell

1HxBcorn-t.JPG (2067 bytes)
Sunstag White Heat
Sunstag Mme Curie




O'Yeh Phar Lap
O'Yeh Yellow Dog
O'Yea B'Limey
1GA-corn-t.JPG (2011 bytes)
O'Yeh Baloo
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