World Wide Families

April 2009

SUNSTAG (Reg.) is proud to say that a few of our first hound families are feeling confident enough to embark on the greatest adventure of their Canine connection. They want to be breeders.


We call them our World Wide Families because they live so far from us. Our dear friend, Helen Cullum, ROHAN Irish Wolfhounds, lives in Florida, with 7 Irish Wolfhounds.They have established a good foundation line and have brought in Bribida lines from Scotland. The blend has produced some beautiful hounds. Wonderful Karen Camarena, Criadero Azteca Lobero Irlandes (introduced below), lives in Guadalajara, Mexico--well, actually in Arandas about 1 hour from there; and, super friends Trish and Jamey Gibson, KELLER Irish Wolfhounds, are closer in San Diego, California, about 90 minutes away. They are all just getting started and SUNSTAG will be behind them for as long as they need us. With their first two litters already starting to be recognized in conformation, we applaud their selections for the start of their bloodline. Thy own the sister to AZTECA's Kisses (Mex CH Sunstag XXXX). A new website for Keller Irish Wolfhounds has just open. Another local for us (San Diego Area), is CU-LEONE Irish Wolfhounds and Leonbergers. Genette and Danny Fuller have hit the ground running!! After years of competition in the Rare Breed shows with their Leonbergers (currently, beautiful Phil), and loads of winning, it was no surprise that their second Irish Wolfhound should do almost equally well in AKC shows. You'd better go see what successes they've had and read the well-earned brags!


NEW * NEW* Check out our latest edition to the World Wide Family circle: THE TURREAN IRISH WOLFHOUNDS, in Orange, California. With just his first two hounds, Ralph Kuechle is going for the "record"...he will be doing conformation, obedience, ability and a whole lot more!! Then, he will establish his bloodline. He visits family in Germany regularly; we expect he will be infusing his bloodline with some of the robust German Irish Wolfhound!! Check out his website for an update on his activities..


Numero Uno Familia!


Karen and husband, Alex (a Veterinarian--nice to have one in the family!), have chosen AZTECA as the name for their kennel, I do know that it reflects their Mexican Heritage and National History. Imagine the wonderful Aztec, Toltec and Mayan names for their puppies! Impossible to pronounce, yet exciting to share in the heritage of the Family!

Please Meet Karen Camarena and Chip (Briarwood's Mexican Son, related to paternal grandparents Dezi and Camille (see them on the Sunstag Alpha Reference List), down on the farm in Arandas, Mexico. Chip is currently (2006) the Number One Irish Wolfhound in Mexico. His many group placements have been very rewarding to Karen and Alex as they start a new facet of their show breeding kennel as Exhibitors of a new male, Dale. Chip's temperament and structure are very correct and judges reward it each time he is presented. Their bitch, Kisses (Mex. CH Sunstag XXXX), has completed her Mexican Championship and is ranked number two Irish Wolfhound in Mexico (2007). Their newest Irish Wolfhound, Dale, will be making his mark shortly, and we will have photos to share soon.
Heartiest Congratulations to them all!

Sunstag XXXX (Kisses). She earned her first point at 6 months old and a finished Champion at 17 months. She is 6 months in this picture. (See parents Sir and Hope.). Her sister, Sunstag OOOO (Hugs) can be seen as New Champion, aged 20 months, at Keller Irish Wolfhounds.

WHAT A PAIR!!! Can't you just see their "children"? We are very excited about the eventual combination of this lovely pair.

Kisses, at 1 Year, with Alex in the Arandas Park

For more information on our World Wide Families, just eMail or call. We are happy to oblige!



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