(Rev. : Oct 2001)
(It is to be understood that the following list of breedings are at the quixotic whim of Mother Nature
and only represents future possibilities. And, they are not in chronological order...)

Estimated Whelping: January 2002
Description: Male has already shown he can produce many aspects we wish to incorporate.  Female is one of our line-bred girls.
SIRE: Mex/Int'l CH Fenrier's B-Sunstag By Design, SC 
Whelped: 1 Sept 95 || Wheaten 
Breeder: Diane Gauerke, Germany 
Owner: Dixie Hirsch
DAM: Mex/Int'l/FC Sunstag Am I Blue, SC/FCh
Whelped: 4 May 1998
Dixie Hirsch, SUNSTAG (Reg.)
DK CH/Dt.Schoenheits
CH Faxbos Lion
Hundra vom Sachsenhof Dual Am/Mex/Int'l  CH Sunstag My Man Godfrey, SC/FCh Sunstag Blessed Bea
DK CH Grey Eagle's Sir Frowsie Dk CH Faxbos Arta Fangorn's Gandolf  Dagmar vom Sachsenhof  Multi-CH Sunstag Xanadu Solo Dual Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Poppy Purehart, FCh CH Sunstag Lord Talisman Sunstag Counsellor
Due Date/Estimate: 2002
Description: Sire is Multi-Nation Champion and Coursing titlist. Dam is a full out-cross.
SIRE: Dual Am/Mex/Int'l 
CH Sunstag My Man Godfrey
Self Wheaten 
Whelped: 16 December 1994 
Breeder: Dixie Hirsch, SUNSTAG (Reg.)
DAM: Sunstag Moonstruck (Cher)
Whetaen/Black Brindle
Whelped: 24 January 1997
Breeder: SUNSTAG
Owner: Bonnie Leider
Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Xanadu Solo, JC  Dual Am/Mex/Int'l CH  Sunstag Poppy Purehart, FCh Mex/Int'l CH Fenrier's B-Sunstag By Design, SC Mex/Int'l CH Blackrose Lotus
Multi(x12) CH Sunstag Joss Am/Mex CH Tiens-n, Heiress of Muldoon, FCh Ir Ch. Ballykelly Chief Ballykelly Beauty DK CH/Dt. Schoenheits CH Faxbos Lion Hundra vom Sachsenhof  Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Iiibell Ussher Dramore, FCh Blackrose Jossii O'Doni

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