You conquered one of the biggest challenges and shared your success
with me. The venture into being an Irish Wolfhound breeder may have
been short-lived but your protection and care of Sunstag Gypzzz brought
all 11 of her litter into loving homes. You provided heart and soul for
hounds, horses, and family, yet had enough to include me in your 
circle. Cridhe Cu Seamus with his shadow and best friend, Sunshine
(your sister's New York poodle), speak volumes on the extent you went
to making Seamus, his mother, Gypzzz, and father, Boru, comfortable.
I remember on my last visit you said: "That's Seamus' couch".
How could I doubt it.
Thank you, Holly, for being my friend.
I know you will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for all of us.

                                                                                                              Photo by Holly O'Brien