Mo' Yet!

A small collection of "our extended families" and their Sunstag hounds...
and a new acquisition for us: MORGAN, Superior Afghan ...
We hope you'll enjoy this brief visit with us.

and pals..

Hey, Dad, get that ferocious beast away
from me!

mo-yettwink1t.JPG (4734 bytes) Hiding Out In Alaska...

Hey, Mom, is that big tiger gone, yet?

 mo-yettwink2t.JPG (4041 bytes)
           mo-yeterint.JPG (3895 bytes) "IRUANN" (Erin)...

Who loves ya, baby?


Well, ya gotta walk
the birds sometime,

mo-yettkomat.JPG (5400 bytes)   "MAEVE"...

  I'll look out for ya, kid!

mo-yetmaevet.JPG (5611 bytes)
"MORGAN" ...
Sure she's no IRISH
Wolfhound, but she's
definitely houndy!
FC Serenade's Attitude Dancing
She'll have her own page very soon--she's very special!



morgan.jpg (17386 bytes)

Even Mo' Yet...Soon!   you ain't seen my Pharoah Hound, yet...

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