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Brackets [x] refer to Outside Owners or Breedings
Rev.  14 AUGUST 2015

Call Name Registered Name Memo
A'Albaa Dual Am/Mex/Intl CH Sunstag A'Albaa, SC/FCh Born: 17 June 94
Litter 6/7/96, Godfrey
Litter 9/24/98, Dezi
Amy Sunstag Am I Blue Born: 4 July 1998
Pointed. Holds two Field CH. titles.
[Anna] McCool's Annabelle O'Yeh Litter 4 July 99, Godfrey
[A'Ausom] CH Sunstag A'Ausom [AKA Knapsack] Litter 1/24/98, Gillie
Ava Sunstag Avengelyn Born: 25 March 2007
Azeri Keller Azeri Nic Sunstag Born: 24 July 2007, [Falcor] x Hugs
Bama Sunstag Hart of Dixie Born: 22 March 2013
GCH Dewin x Meggie
Bea Sunstag Blessed Bea, JC Born: 6 Sep 1996
Litter 5/4/98, Godfrey
Litter 8/14/99, Dezi (The Bea-Nie Babies)
Belle Sunstag Liberty Belle, SC Born 4 July 97 ~
Field Championship, Ring pointed
Litter 8/24/99, Harry || Retired-2003
Blondie Sunstag Blond Bombshell 14 Aug 99, Harry x Belle
Litter 11/11/02, Roam
BOB (always in Capitals!) Sunstag Sideshow BOB 18 June 2006, Jazz x 'Vegas
Bonnie Dual Am/Mex/Intl CH MacShoi Bonnie Blue Sunstag, SC/FCh Born: 1 June 91
Litter 7/4/97, Godfrey
[Caireen] Sunstag Caireen 7/23/04, Sir x Singer
Camille Sandhill Sunstag Camille Nice out-cross for us.
Litter 3/27/00, Dezi (Oscar Night)
[Chance] Sunstag Chance 9/24/98, Godfrey X Gillie, Co-
Chanel Sunstag Designing Woman, JC
(See Sally)
1/31/98 Retired 2000
Litter 9/20/01, Dezi
Litter 3/03, Bellwood Brandon
Chanel Et Tu Sunstag Chanel Et Tu Born: 25 April 2007
[Cher] FC Sunstag Moonstruck, SC/FCh Other Owner, Bench and Field Pointed
Litter 3/03, Sir (2 puppies only)
[Chief] Sunstag Wind Warrior 2/4/2012, Arthur x Chane Et Tul: Owners Jim & Linda Greco
Litter 9/26/14, Kizzie
[Cinn] Sunstag Cinnabar Other Owner, Litter 4/17/99 (Marian-Other)
Classy Sunstag Class Act Jazz x Maggie, 4/25/07
Debi Sunstag Debutante Jazz x Maggie, 4/25/07
[Dewin] DCH Dewin von den Sarrazenen German Import
Litter 3/22/2013, Meggie
Diva Simstag L. A. Diva Jazz x Maggie, 4/25/07
Dezi Mex/Int'l 
CH Fenrier's B-Sunstag By Design, SC
Litter 1/24/97, Lotus
Litter 9/24/98, A'Albaa
Litter 8/14/99, Bea
Litter 3/27/00, Camille
[Dillie] Sunstag Lavender Blue Other Co-Owner
[Dirk] CH Sunstag Lord Talisman Litter 9/6/96, Marina (S. Counsellor) 
Litter ?, Outside Bitch
Echo Sunstag High Mountain Wind 2/4/2012, Arthur x Chanel Et Tu
Outside Litter-CloeCleo (AZ-2013)
Outside Lit.-Mittens (Ballymacmoy-5/2015)
Litter 11/12/2013, Kizzie
Litter 2/22/2014, Meggie
Litter 6/3/2015, Bama
[ Elektra ] Sunstag Elektra Sir x Peri (Mar 07)
[ Falcor ] CH Carroy Falcor of Limerick Litter 24 July 2007, Hugs (CH Sunstag OOOO)
Fey Am/Mex/Int'l/Can 
CH Kildare's Sunstag Faery Fey
Litter 7/26/86, Sky
Litter 4/26/87, Sky
Litter 9/13/89, Joss
Litter 5/31/91, Pyxy
[Gabby] Murphy Labhru Nic Sunstag Litter 6/1/91, 
CH Ailne's Rhapsody in Blue--Other
[Gael Sunstag Gael Pointed--Retired 2001
Gillie Dual Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Gillie Rua, SC/FCh/CGC Litter 10/24/96, Godfrey
Litter 1/24/98, Knapsack (A'Ausom)
Litter 9/10/98, Godfrey 
Glimmer Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Moonglow Dezi x Lotus
Godfrey Dual Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag My Man Godfrey, SC/FCh
Litter 6/7/96, A'Albaa
Litter 10/24/96, Gillie (2 pointed)
Litter 3/9/97, Autumn
Litter 7/4/97, Bonnie (1 CH, 2 pointed)
Litter 1997, [Tish] Other Owner
Litter 5/4/98, Bea (pointed get)
Litter 9/10/98, Gillie (1 pointed)
Litter 7/4/99, [Anna]
Litter 6/2/01, K-La
Gus Am/Mex/Int'l CH Borland's Argus of O'Neill Frozen Semen
[Gypzzz] Sunstag Gypzzz 7/31/94 - 5/24/03 Ussher x Topaz
At age 8, accidental breeding produced 11 puppies, 9 living. See Singer.
Harry Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Am. Heritage, FCH/SC Litter 9/14/99, Belle 
Litter 12/20/01, Willow
Litter 1/10/02, Maisie
Haz Matt Sunstag Haz Matt 9/14/99, Harry x Belle
[Harlow] Sunstag White Heat 9/14/99, Harry x Belle
Litter 03/03, [Other owner, Windfern Sire]
[Hope] Sunstag Hope at Bellwood Dezi x Chanel
Litter 08/04/04, Sir, 2F/0M
Hugs CH Sunstag Bellwood OOOO 8/4/04, Sir x Hope
Ivy Sunstag Ivy 9/24/98, Dezi x A'Albaa
Litter 2/26/01, Harry
Litter 3/23/03, Sir
Jazz Sunstag Jazz N Chicago 3/23/03, Sir x Ivy
Litter 6/18/06, Sunstag Vegas Showgirl
Litter 4/19/07, Ballymacmoy Maille McGwire (see,Koko)
Litter 4/25/07, Maggie O'Lochiel (see, Chanel Et Tu)
Joss Am/Mex/FC&UCInt'l/Peru/Bi-Peru/German/- So.Am/Ch of the Americas/States/Can./- World CH Sunstag Joss Litter 3/13/88, Genii 
Litter 1/4/89, Tien (3 CH)
Litter 9/13/89, Fey (2 CH)
Litter 12/7/90, Abbey (1 CH-Lili)
Litter 1/30/90, Doni
Litter 6/24/91 Poohka/Puck (2 CH)
Litter 8/2/91 Xu (1 CH-Solo)
Litter 2/13/92 Xu
Litter 6/21/92 Kells (3 CH)
[Joy] Sunstag Bellwood Joyfull 12/20/01
K-L Blackrose M'Kla Nic Sunstag 3/17/98
Litter 5/20/00, O'Leary
Litter 6/2/01, Godfrey
[Kaos] Keller Affirmed O'Sunstag 7/24/07
IABKC Int'l CH 4/09
[Kasey] Sunstag Wind of Kilimanjaro 2/4/12 -- Arthur x Chanel et Tu
New Champion 2014
KeenO Killian Keen O'Sunstag 2/18/07
Kizzie Sunstag Kissin' Kizzie 9/29/09
Litter-12 Nov 2013, Echo
[Knapsack] CH Sunstag A'Ausom Litter 1/24/98, Gillie
Koko Ballymacmoy Koko Nic Sunstag Jazz x Ballymacmoy's Maille McGwire, 4/18/07
Lacey Sunstag d'Lacey 3/12/06, a Godfrey Great Granddaughter.
Lili Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Cala Lili, SC/FCh First AKC Lure IW Field Champion of Record, First AKC Best In Field IW 
[Lira] FC Sunstag Lira 4th Place Sweeps 1999 National
Specialty, 6-9 Class; Bench and Field pointed.
Lotus Am/Mex/Int'l CH Blackrose Lotus, JC Litter 8/28/95, Solo
Litter 1/24/97, Dezi
Retired '98--Other
Lute Sunstag Resolution 31 Dec 2014, Sky x Meggie - Co-owned
[MacGregor] CH Sunstag The MacGregor, 
Other Owner/Not to be Bred
[Madame] Sunstag Madam Atom  9/14/99, Harry x Belle, Other Owner
[Maggie] Maggie O'Lochiel Leased from 1 Feb 07 to 31 Jan 09
[Magnolia] Sunstag Magnolia (Nola) 26 March 2000, Dezi x Camille
[Magnus] Sunstag Magnus 11 November 2002, Roam x Blondie
Maisie Sunstag Topsy Turvy Maisie 26 March 2000, Dezi x Camille
Litter 1/10/02, Harry
Marina Sunstag Counsellor Litter 9/6/96, Dirk
[Maybelline] Keller Sunstag I'm Maybelline 7/24/07, [Falcor] x Hugs
Meggie Windy Hill Ashes of Roses 3/19/10, pointed ~ 8/8/15
GCH Dewin litter- 22 March 2013 (Bama)
Echo - 22 Feb 2014 (Trinity)
Sky - 31 Dec 2014 (Resolution "Lute")
Ming Sunstag Birmingham Breeze 3 June 2015, Echo x Bama
Nefra Mex CH Kildare's Sunstag Nefratiti Litter 5/6/87, Sky
Odile Sunstag Odile of the Pacific 26 Sep 2014, Chief x Kizzie
Odin Keller Seeking the Gold 7/24/07, Falcor x Hugs
O'Leary Sunstag Father O'Leary Litter 5/20/00, K-La
Peri Sunstag Peri-Winkle 05/27/05, Jazz x Bellwood Lily
Litter: 3/25/07 5m/5f
Poppy Am/Mex/Can/Int'l CH Sunstag Poppy Purehart, FCh/SC Litter 7/16/93, Solo
Litter 12/16/94, Solo
Puck (Poohka) Am/Mex/Can/Int'l CH Sunstag Puck Litter 11/5/89, Pippin (Other)
Litter 6/24/91, Joss
[Roam] Sunstag Roam, JC 9/4/99, Dezi x Bea (A Bea-Nie Baby)
Litter 11/11/03, Blondie
[Roary] Sunstag Roary 9/4/99, Dezi x Bea (A Bea-Nie Baby)
[Rose] Sunstag Briar Rose 5/27/05, Jazz x Lily
[Sally] Sunstag Sally Forth Pointed.
[Scorch] Sunstag Scorch 9/4/99, Dezi x Bea (A Bea-Nie Baby)
Shan Am/Mex/Int'l CH Galaxy's Shenanigans Foundation Sire: 1985, Puppy Corazon (Outside)
Litter 3/11/86, Tien
Conserved Cryobank--Utilized, no issue.
Sidney Sunstag Mayflower Madam May 2000 puppy from O'Leary x K-La
Singer Cridhe Cu Singer 6/26/02
Litter 7/23/04, Sir
Sir Sunstag Bellwood Xii Knight 12/20/02
Litter 2/0x/02, Cher
Litter 3/23/03, Ivy
Litter 2/27/04, Kerry (Outside)
Litter 3/30/04, Ivy
Litter 7/23/04, Singer
Litter 8/22/04, Hope
Sky Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Sceo C
(Sky-O Keith=Creamy Tinted)
Litter 7/26/86, Fey
Litter 4/26/87, Fey
Litter 6/1/91, (Outside)
[Sky] O'Sullivan Sceolan of The Turrean Litter 12/31/2014, Meggie
Snow Sunstag Winter Wind 2/4/2012, Arthur x Chanel Et Tu
Solo Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Xanadu Solo Litters:12/16/94, Poppy (2 CH)
Litter 6/17/94 Abbey (3 CH-+1 Germ)
Litter 1/18/95 Dawn (1 CH)
Litter 8/28/95 Lotus (1 CH)
Litter 3/17/96 Krystall (Other)
Conserved: Cryobank
[Sonny] Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Sunrise at Erincu Litter Sheila, 10/10/98 (Other Owner)
[Sofie] Keller Ruffian Nic Sunstag 7/24/07, [Falcor] x Hugs
[Spike] Sunstag Spike 9/4/99, Dezi x Bea (A Bea-Nie Baby)
Tara Ballymacmoy Tara of the Lia Fail 13 March 2014
Aiden x Megan (Ballymacmoy)
[Taranis] Sunstag Taranis 7/23/04, Sir x Singer
Tien (T-N) Am/Mex/Int'l CH Tiens-n, Heiress of Muldoon, FCh Foundation Dam.11.5 yrs at demise.
Litter 2/9/85 Whiskey
Litter 3/11/86 Joss
Litter 1/10/88 Cumorrua
Litter 1/4/89 Joss. 
[Trella] Sunstag Mistral CH at 22 months! Other Owner.
[Tyra] Sunstag Top Model Resides in Portland, Oregon
Ussher Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Iiibell Ussher Dramor, SC 5/21/91
(Threebell Vincent Turloch x Ballykelly Sunstag Kells)
Litter 9/4/94, J'Aime
Litter 7/31/94, Topaz
[ Vegas ] Sunstag 'Vegas Show Girl 12/22/04, [outside purchase]
Litter 6/18/06, Jazz
[Vesper] Sunstag Vesper 10 January 2002, co-own
[Willow] Bellwood Witch of Wonder Litter 12/20/01, Harry
Witch Sunstag Witchblade 25 March 2007
See also, Avangely
Xoxo (So-So) Sunstag XoXo Good Born: 12 November 2013, Echo x Kizzie
Xu (Sue) Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag R.B. Xu Litter 8/2/89, Solo
Litter 2/13/92, Joss
Litter 5/21/91, Ussher
[Zak] FC Sunstag Zak O'Lantern, FCh Possibly the youngest AKC IW Field CH of Record at 1 year, 2 weeks old, Jan. 1998.
Zany Sunstag EquusAnnie Born: 22 February 2014, Echo x Meggie