PUPPIES 2014-2015
(Revised 2 OCTOBER 2014)

BORN: 26 September 2014. ~ Stormy Ladies! ~ 5 FEMALES/0 MALES ~ SOLD OUT.

CH Sunstag Wind Warrior

Born: 4 Feb 2012.
Paladin Arthur Finian Patton 

CH Killian Keen O'Sunstag

Sunstag Briar Rose, SC/FCh
Sunstag Chanel Et Tu

AM/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Jazz N Chicago

Maggie O'Lochiel

Sunstag Kissin' Kizzie

Born: 29 Sep 2009
CH Killian Keen O'Sunstag


Killian's Jeepers Creepers
McCauley's Paddy Girl
Sunstag Ballymacmoy KoKo

Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Jazz N Chicago, SC

Ballmacmoy's Maille McGwire
PREFERRED THEME: Pacific Coast Storms
[Subject To Change.]
#1-ODILE. French=Prospers in battles. (Teal)
#2-AMANDA. Latin=Lovable. (Orange)
#3-KARINA. Russian=Pure; Chaste. (Purple)
#4-ISELLE. Turkish=Moonlight. (Rose)
#5-CRISTINA. Greek=Annointed. (Blue)

KARINA & ISELLE..............................CRISTINA & AMANDA



BORN: 31 DECEMBER 2014 ~ 1 Male/1Female. Litter SOLD.

O'Sullivan Sceolan of The Turrean

Born: 20 December 2008
CH Carroy Falcor of Limerick

CH Taryn Tate of Limerick, SC  

CH Carroy Roonagh O'Donovan 
Lady Aurora O'Sullivan 
Multi CH Sunstag Bellwood XII Knight, SC 
Singing Swords Kerry II
WindyHill Ashes of Roses

Born: 19 March 2010
Gardenfields McFuzz 
CH Gulliagh Aslan (IR)
CH Sidhe Breege of Gardenfield
Wolfchase Roisin O'Gardenfield CH Sidhe Dragonsbane 
CH Starkeeper Wolfchase Logan 


Another litter is planned for 2016. Hounds from SUNSTAG (Reg),
owned by others, may be bred; we will refer inquiries to them as appropriate.


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