(Revised 9 JULY 2016)


PROJECTED BREEDING: September 2016. This pairing is planned by GCH Dewin von den Sarrazenen out of Sunstag XoXo Good (So-So Good, AKA Tonks). Inquiries welcome.

GCH Dewin von den Sarrazenen

Born: 14 January 2011
 Marvin von den Sarrazenen
Finn-Icebear vonWilar

Vaimanika von den Sarrazenen
Kiwana von den Sarrazenen

Varunai von den Sarrazenen

Da-shi-zhi von den Sarrazenen
Sunstag XoXo Good
Born: 22 February 2014
Sunstag High Mountain Wind
Paladin Arthur Finian Patton
Sunstag Chanel Et Tu

Sunstag Kissin' Kizzie

CH Killian Keen O'Sunstag  

Sunstag Ballymacmoy KoKo

PROJECTED BREEDING: August 2016.     [Due date: October 2016?]

Gunny Remus Lupin

Born: 23 August 2013
 Maichel's Anarkhos Nikator

 Sarken's Sirius Black

Aotearoa Toil Chroi Tigernan  
Aotearoa Emrys Grania 

  Sarken's Callidora Adrasteia

Dragon Mists' Dunyvan Firedrake 
Sarken's Lara 
Maichel's Kalypso Aurnia 

 Brutous de Sinpelo

Dezel Centurion 
Danlea's Geilie O'Sullivan 

 Maryann de Sinpelo

Danlea's O'Riley O'Sullivan 
Hartford Hounds Willow of Moorsong 
Sunstag Equusannie

Born: 22 February 2014
 Sunstag High Mountain Wind
Paladin Arthur Finian Patton
CH Killian Keen O'Sunstag 
Sunstag Briar Rose, SC/FCh

Sunstag Chanel Et Tu

Am/Mex/Int'l CH Sunstag Jazz N Chicago, JC 
Maggie O'Lochiel 

Windyhill Ashes of Roses

 Gardenfields McFuzz

CH Gulliagh Aslan (IR) 
CH Sidhe Breege of Gardenfield 

 Wolfchase Roisin O'Gardenfield

CH Sidhe Dragonsbane 
CH Starkeeper Wolfchase Logan


Other litters are planned for 2016 & 2017. Hounds from SUNSTAG (Reg),
owned by others, may be bred; we will refer inquiries to them as appropriate.


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