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    The sport of Lure Coursing gives the Irish Wolfhound (and other sighthound) owners the luxury of seeing poetry in motion. The hounds spring, run, turn, twist in a simulation of the actions their ancestors used to catch live game. This is what our hounds were bred to do. It adds to the bond between human and hound just as it did ages ago when they hunted together for food and survival. True, the modern hound must chase an artificial lure on a string, but they obviously don't care! Just a chance to get out into the open field and run is all they ask of see the double suspension gallop in action!
    What a way to motivate ourselves to keep the hounds in condition! The hound will be trim and muscular; their heart and lungs and circulation in top shape. We know how many years we can add by keeping personally fit in our own lives; imagine what we are doing for our hounds. Our Irish Wolfhound needs to show its functionality not just be a friendly, loving couch potato. More and more it is becoming obvious that lure coursing can help us extend the lifespan of our beloved hounds.
    To get started-- write to the American Kennel Club, Performance Events, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010-- for a list of clubs near you. They will also send you a brochure on Lure Coursing. Just ask for it. Also, requests can be made on-line to the AKC [ (General) or Lure Coursing EVENTS specifically].We have a local club here in Southern California offering training, practice, excitement. You can contact them on-line: ... be sure to look over the Calendar section. We also have a reprint of a lure coursing article I authored. It is rather lengthy and I would advise that you may want to save it on your hard drive or floppy for perusal later at your leisure. Another interesting site is ... This homepage of the American Sighthound Field Association offers you additional information on the sport of Lure Coursing.
    Or, call me (714/649-2770) for further details and/or referrals in your area.
Now, for our Coursing Brags:
2004) Ooops! Missed this year, but a grand time was had by both; even young, Jazz, had his first outing, unfortunately he was more interested in playtime than in ribbons!
2003) Again, Vesper and Sir garnered huge rosettes at Turkey Run for the Continuum--qualifying all 4 days of the trials.
2002) Vesper and Sir garnered huge rosettes at Turkey Run for the Continuum--qualifying all 4 days of the trials.
2001) Four Sunstag hounds slotted in top ten both AKC and ASFA for first quarter. We've a new kid on the block--Maisie, who thinks we are only on the field for HER.
2000) Harry and Belle are Field Champions in both AKC and ASFA! Amy, Ivy and Chance have stepped right into their pawprints and have finished their field titles as well. Sally is coming on fair but is a bit playful; Roam and brother Kicks took to coursing like naturals!
1999) Well, brother and sister (Harry and Belle, offspring of Godfrey's) are both taking off like a shot! Both are pointed in AKC and ASFA... And, our Amy (half-sister to Harry and Belle) is smoking even them!!! I look forward to really having runners throughout 1999 and into 2000!
1998)  One of our 14-month-1-week-1-day old "Teenagers" (Sunstag Zak-O-Lantern, now FC Zak!) owned by Bonnie Gibbons in San Francisco is a new FIELD CHAMPION!!! We think this may be the youngest ever AKC Coursing Irish Wolfhound field champion.
    Dear o'l dad, Godfrey (Zak's dad) completed his Dual (means he is also a conformation champion) AKC Field Championship the very same day!!!
    Zak's mom (Gillie) is already a Dual Champion and ran the course with "hubby" and "son" on the first day of the New Year!
   Great Uncle, MacGregor, also ran with them! A true Family Affair... Oh, and there were "other" hounds running, not just my guys <grin>.
    What we have here are the First Two New Champions of the New Year of 1998 for our breed in the AKC Lure Coursing program---one a new FC, the other a new DC. Have I confused you enough by now? <laugh>

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